Area of Practice

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • Family and Divorce Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Banking Litigation
  • Wills and Estates Litigation
  • Non-Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Whilst we have handled litigations of all types and sizes, the following are some of our more notable cases:

  • Successfully defended an appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal on a judgment with all interests and substantial costs awarded in our client’s favour.
  • Land subdivision and costs sharing agreement arbitration on prime land development in Newmarket
  • Prosecuted trade mark infringement actions for large retail chain store in food industry
  • Defended trade mark infringement actions commenced by international giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Disney, Nike, Fila, Warner Brothers etc.
  • Obtained very favourable child custody and family property division orders on behalf of the father.
  • Full recovery of private loans and advances made overseas to business in China.
  • Enforced bank loans and securities against the estate of a deceased debtor.
  • Recovery against publicly traded companies on behalf of clients in commercial contract disputes.

Case History

We have extensive experience in acting as plaintiff’s counsel in commencing litigation, and as defendant’s counsel in defending litigation. The types of litigation we have acted on including providing the following services:

Commercial Disputes

  • shareholders disputes
  • sale of goods that are not merchantable
  • commercial land disputes litigations and arbitrations
  • employer-employee disputes and wrongful dismissal claims
  • Employment Standards Act claims
  • construction contracts disputes
  • construction liens enforcement and defence
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • libel and defamation proceedings for and against newspapers and other publishers
  • manufacturing and service contracts disputes
  • relief from forfeiture proceedings
  • Commercial List applications
  • conflict of laws motions
  • bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings and motions

Debt Collection

  • enforcing private loans and advances
  • collecting on trade and unsecured debts
  • Small Claims Court proceedings
  • claims for goods sold and delivered
  • foreign money judgments

Family and Divorce Litigation

  • commencing and contesting divorce proceedings
  • family property division
  • child custody and support matters
  • domestic violence claims and defence

Intellectual Property Litigation

  • trade mark infringement actions and defence
  • copyright infringement actions and defence
  • interlocutory and interim injunctions

Banking Litigation

  • enforcing bank loans and securities
  • suing absconded or bankrupted debtors
  • repossession and power of sale proceedings

Wills and Estates Litigation

  • contentious probate actions
  • removal of trustees applications

Non-Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Litigation

  • slip and fall accidents
  • product liability
  • intentional tortious action