About Us

Sun & Partners
Professional Corporation
3650 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 301 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 3P7

Telephone: (416) 490-0088
Fax: (416) 490-0008
Email: info@sunpartners.ca

Our Firm

SUN & PARTNERS is a forward-looking Toronto law firm focused on delivering legal solutions that meet the special needs of medium-sized companies, international businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

We offer a broad range of legal services with particular emphasis on commercial litigation, intellectual property, commercial real estate, condominiumization, land development, corporate, franchise, commercial & bank financing, and natural resources.

Our clients include banks and lenders, natural resources companies, franchised systems, software developers, supermarket chains, distribution channels, factories, trading companies, land developers and high-growth companies. We are legal counsel to various local and national business and trade associations and charitable organizations. We are also advisor to local and foreign governments and state-owned entities.

We have been appointed as approved solicitors in commercial lending transactions by: Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank Canada, Bank of China (Canada), First Commercial Bank Toronto Branch, Mega International Commercial Bank (Canada) and IBM Financing (Canada).

We also act as counsel to overseas law firms in transactions involving Canadian target companies by conducting due diligence, delivering closing opinions and ensuring compliance with Canadian laws.

Our Role

As legal counsel, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ management team. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries allows us to bring objectivity and a new perspective to our clients’ decision-making process. Our knowledge of business trends in a rapidly changing marketplace also enables us to redesign our clients’ business structures and their approach to conflict resolution.

Our Beliefs

Speedy Response Time
Speedy response time is critical to survival and success in the modern business environment. We support our clients by ensuring speedy turnaround time through personal and prompt service. We aim to return all telephone calls on the same day and to deliver our preliminary advice and services within two business days, except for complex matters, for which our response time is usually five working days.

Quality Control Reviews
Quality control is essential. We have a two-level review policy of our files. All files are supervised by the lawyer-in-charge of the particular practice area and reviewed by a partner. All strategic advice and recommendations are made with the consensus of two partners before they are presented to our clients. We constantly evaluate our advice and strategic approaches to focus on the big picture and our clients’ ultimate objectives.

Confidentiality of information is fundamental to our practice and professional responsibility towards our clients. We have a strict policy toward confidentiality and ensure that we do not discuss client affairs with anyone, including clients’ employees, spouses or family members, unless specifically authorized or instructed to do so.

Our Management System

Professionally Managed Business Approach
Our firm adopts the business model of governance and management. Our management team comprises of all our partners and a professional non-lawyer manager who is responsible for implementing the policies and standards set by our management team.

Technology Reviews
We constantly reassess and upgrade our computer equipment and software and incorporate the latest technology into our practice.