TO.I.SO.TO. Gala 2006


The Same Song Concert – Chinese New Year 2006

Mr. Jimmy Sun and famous singer from Hong Kong Mr. Alan Tam on the stage





Prime Minister Mr. Hu Jintao in Toronto 2005


Chinese Community Dinner 2003

Photo taken with Canada Former Prime Minister Mr. Paul Martin

20th Anniversary Celebration Snap Shot

Our 20th anniversary dinner was held at Copper Creek Golf Club in June 2003. Over 200 guests attended. Stepping into our third decade, we look forward to continue to provide our friends, clients and associates with excellent service.


Standing, L to R) Mr. John Zhu, Mr. Stephen Ho, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Ms. Betty Lai, Mr. Billy Wong, Mr. Horace Chiu, Ms. Hu Ziao-Ping (a world-renowned soprano) and Mrs. Margaret Chiu
(Seated, L to R) Mrs. Elena Ho, Ms. Rachel Poon, Mrs. Susan Wong and Mr. Alex Wong



(Standing, L to R) Mrs. Elaine Chan, Mr. Stephen Chan, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Ms. Patsy Sie, Mr. Peter Mak, Mrs. Eva Mak, Ms. Betty Lai, Mrs. Connie Mak, Mrs. Rita Chan and Mr. Clement Chan
(Seated, L to R) Mrs. Porter, Mr. David Porter, Mr. Longhuan Kim and Mrs. Kim


Mr. Dashu Zhu, Mr. Jason Zhang, Ms. Shirley Hung, Ms. Helen He, Mr. Tommy Mak and friends from Bank of China (Canada) with Mrs. Eva Mak, Ms. Betty Lai and Mr. Jimmy Sun


(Standing, L to R) Friends from Bank of East Asia (Canada) – Mr. Peter Lee, Mr. Edward Chan, Mr. Kenneth Chan, Ms. Yvonne Ho, Ms. Betty Lai, Mrs. Eva Mak, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Mr. William Leung, Mr. Philip Wong, Mr. Larry Chiu, Mr. Daniel Chow and Mr. Peter Chan
(Seated) Mrs. Dora Chan


(Standing, L to R) Mr. Norman Tsui, Mr. Anthony Wong, Mr. Peter Cheung, Mr. David Poon, Mr. King Lee, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Mrs. Eva Mak and Ms. Betty Lai
(Seated, L to R) Mrs. Rita Wong, Mrs. Maggie Lee, Mrs. Annie Chan, Mr. Raymond Chan and Mr. Michael Cheong


(Standing, L to R) Ms. Chavelli Tsui, Mrs. Yvonne Yung, Mr. Wai Yung, Mr. Alan Tsui, Ms. Betty Lai, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Mr. Andrew Wong, Mr. James Ling and Mr. Simon Leung
(Seated, L to R) Mrs. Geraldein Tsui, Mrs. Clara Ma and Mr. Edward Ma


(Standing, L to R) Mr. Howard Wright, Ms. Katherine Yang, Mr. Paul Wang, Mrs. Eva Mak, Mr. Robin Ng, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Ms. Betty Lai, Mr. Jason Wei and Ms Janice Lin
(Seated, L to R) Ms. Mary Fan, Mrs. Wendy Chu, Mrs. Julie Yeh, Mr. Jack Yeh and Mr. Arthur Chu


(Standing, L to R) Mr. Ezra Chang, Mr. J J Kim, Mr. Jimmy Sun, Mrs. Eva Mak and Ms. Betty Lai
(Seated, L to R) Mr. Danny Lau, Mr. James Kang, Mr. Brian Kim and friends from Crazy Sushi Group